Product Tag - Seamless Precision Steel Tube

  • Seamless High Precision Tube

    Synopsis of Process Routing: quality carbon steel → cold drawing → bright heat treatment without oxidization (NBK status) → nondestructive testing. In the wall honing and inside flushing under the high pressure→. Antirust oiling outside surface→ plastic capping on both ends.
    Main Features: high accuracy, excellent brightness, no oxidization on the outer and inner walls after heat treatment, high cleanness inside wall. The steel tube is able to stand high pressure. No deformation after cold bending, no crack after flaring and flattening . The complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized. Color of tube: gray with white.
    Main Application: to be used in hydraulic system, automobile and in the occasion where the high precision, brightness, cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required.

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