Baosheng-2024 Dusseldorf Tube Exhibition

Baosheng Precision Tube Co.,Ltd

Changzhou Grand Import & Export Co.,Ltd

Dusseldorf Exhibition Center.Germany

April 15th-19th,2024. See you there!

Capillary Stainless Steel Tubes      Seamless Stainless Tubes & Pipes   Welded Stainless Tubes & Pipes    

Nickel Alloy Tubes & Pipes  EN10305-1/4  Seamless  Steel  Tubes     EN10305-2/3 Welded Precision Tubes   

ISO8535-1 Fuel Injection Tubes        Single/Double Wall Bundy Tubes       Seamless Honed/SRB Tubes & Pipes   

A210/A179  Boiler & Pressure Tubes       Heat Exchanger Tubes & Pipes     Extruded/Welded Fin Tubes

Aluminium Tubes & Pipes     Copper Tubes & Pipes     Titanium Tubes & Pipes    Non-ferrous Capillary Tubes

If any of the above-mentioned tubes attracts your interest,you are more than welcome to contact us