White galvanized steel tubes

When producing galvanized steel tubes, we utilize advanced technical processing and use a chemical liquid imported from Germany. Both the inner and outer surfaces of the high precision steel tubes can be galvanized, giving them a high homogeneity and an excellent rust resistant performance.
Zinc wall thickness 8-12um, and customized as per customer requirements. Salt spray test: common requirements- 80-120 hours, high requirements- 120-300 hours Cr+6 free, environmental type

Process Description

Using a high precision, fine drawn bright seamless steel tube as the steel pipe for galvanizing, the outer wall of the steel pipe is cold-galvanized, and both ends are covered for dust protection.

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1.  Production of  DIN/EN10305 seamless high precision tubes since 2005.

2. Working with customers from Europe,West Asia,South America,etc since 2006.

3.  Samples can be delivered within 10 days after confirmation

4.  35 days as the production period and delivery after order confirmation.

5.  200,000 meters of bright annealed seamless steel tubes in stock.

6.  200 sizes can be offered from OD:3.18mmxWT:0.7mm to OD:100mmxWT:10mm

7.  Third party inspection like:TUV,BV,SGS,etc accepted

8.  Professional team assists your special tube requirements.

If any questions,you are more than welcome to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

1. We use high quality raw materials. All raw materials are supplied from internationally known steel plants.
2. Raw materials are checked for both chemical and mechanical properties, according to specifications.
3. During the cold drawing process, our inspectors check every bundle three times: once at the beginning of the process, once during the middle, and finally, at the end of the cold drawing process.
4. During the final heat treatment, every bundle has the surface checked, as well as mechanical properties through sampling.
5. Non-destructive testing machinery and manual inspection ensure the 100% quality rate.

If any questions,you are more than welcome to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

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