Stud Fin Tube

The STUDDED Fin Tube is manufactured by Resistance Welding of Studs on the Bare tubes.

The fins are manufactured by welding of the Fin Material which is essential a stud or rod welded at base to the tube by Electrical Resistance Process.

The current is made to flow through the Tube and the base of the studs. The studs are specifically made in shapes to facilitate the welding process. The Stud; during the finning “welding” process is also mechanically pressed on the tube at the point of welding thence causing a very good mechanical bond. This type of Fin Tube find very good application in high pressure and high temperature applications. The mechanical bond is very strong and hence finds application in places where extreme mechanical load, stress is expected while during the process or cleaning etc.

These Fin Tubes find application in Finned Pipes, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers etc and are preferred in Industries like Petrochemical Refineries, Power Plants, Chemical Industries, Steel Plants, etc.

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Stud fin tube is made by electrical Resistance welding specially formed Studs(Round pins ) in rows around the tube. The Studs can be supplied in a variety of Sizes and shapes. Also named pin fin tube.Stud tube have a very high heat transfer efficiency.The heat exchange efficiency is equivalent to 2-3 times that of the bare pipe. To increase the surface heat transfer coefficient of flue gas to the furnace tube.Reduce the amount of bare pipes used in these processes. (Heat transfer surface of one studded pipe is equivalent to surface of 4 to 10 bare pipes).

Studded tubes are generally used in furnaces and boilers where the surface is exposed to a very corrosive environment and where very dirty gas streams require frequent or aggressive cleaning.

Increase efficiency in the process of heat recovery and direct flame hostile atmospheres.

Studded Pipe’s ideal for processes applications where dirty fuels are used and harsh environments in terms of temperature and / or corrosion.Easier cleaning especially for operating cases with very dirty flue gas produced by burning heavy oil, diesel or residual oil.

Its high resistance to harsh environments, such as sections of Sulfuric Acid atmospheres, makes it very useful for the industries mentioned.

The finned tube is a heat transfer component that increases the heat exchange area by helically wound fins on the base tube. Fins and base tube forming a strong mechanical contact,that greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency.
It widely application to Economizer,Boilers, Heat ex-changers,tube bundles,Radiators, air coolers, air preheater etc.
Tube Material: Stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel,Titanium,Carbon steel, Copper nickel, admiralty brass, Aluminium Brass, Nickel alloy Monel , Inconel, hastelloy….
Fin Material: Aluminium,copper,stainless steel,carbon steel….

Properties of Studded Fin Tubes/Studded Fin Pipe:-

  1. Manufacturing Process:- Electric Resistance Welding

  2. Fin To Tube Bond:- Excellent

  3. Heat Transfer Efficiency:- Excellent

  4. Mechanical Resistance:- Excellent (Hence can be frequently cleaned with high pressure jets unlike other fin tubes. Thereby reducing down time and increasing overall life)

  5. Corrosion Protection:- Gives excellent corrosion protection to the base tube since it entirely covers the base tube (except bare ends).

  6. Temperature Range:- Depending on Properties of material of Fin (Stud) and Pipe

Manufacturing Range (Studded Fin Tube ):-

Sr. No




Base Tube Material

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Titanium , Copper, Duplex Stainless Steel, Inconel etc. (all material in the theoretical limit)


Base Tube Outside Diameter

60 mm to 200 mm


Base Tube Thickness

3 mm to 12.70mm Above


Base Tube Length

2000 mm Min To 15000 mm


Stud Material

Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel


Stud Thickness

6mm to 16mm


Stud Density

15.88mm or 63 Studs Per Plate Per Meter (Can Be Customized to Clients Requirements)


Stud Height

12.7mm to 63.5mm


Bare Ends

As per Client Requirement

We can supply material on urgent delivery basis because of large stock and relations with raw material suppliers. We use only Prime Quality base tube and Fin Stud Material.

The Stud Fin Tubes/Stud Fin Pipes can be supplied with EN 10204 EN 3.1 and EN 3.2 certifications. We can provide Third Party Inspection from any reputed inspection agency.

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