Molybdenum Capillary Tubes

Molybdenum tube Application

•1, good corrosion resistance (The surface of molybdenum tube is easy to produce a layer of dense natural protective film, It can be well to protect the matrix from corrosion by artificial anodic oxidation and coloring, good casting performance can be cast aluminum alloy or processing Plastic deformation of good aluminum alloy.)

•2, high strength (molybdenum tube have the high strength.After a certain degree of cold processing can strengthen the matrix strength, some grades of molybdenum tube can also be enhanced by heat treatment)

•3, good thermal conductivity (The conductive thermal conductivity of molybdenum only less than the silver, copper and gold)

•4, easy processing (After add some certain alloying elements, you can get a good casting p erformance of aluminum alloy casting or processing plastic deformation of aluminum alloy)

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Product Name Molybdenum pipe/tube
Material pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloy
Size reference the below details
Model Number Mo1, Mo2
Surface hot rolling, cleaning, polished
Used Aerospace industry, Chemical equipment industry
The specification would be changed by the customers’ requirements.


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1. Production of Tantalum capillary tubes,tungsten capillary  tubes,Zirconium capillary tubes since 2010.

2. Working with customers from Germany,France,Netherland,U.K.;etc since 2006.

3.  Samples can be delivered within 10 days after confirmation

4.  40 days as the production period and delivery after order confirmation.

5.  10,000 meters of Tantalum  capillary tubes,Tungsten capillary Tubes,Zirconium capillary Tubes in stock.

6.  Sizes can be offered from OD:1.00mmxWT:0.15mm to OD:6.00mmxWT:2.00mm

7.  Third party inspection like:TUV,BV,SGS,etc accepted

8.  Professional team assists your special tube requirements.

9.  Other related tubes can be offered with competitive prices:Tantalum capillary tubes ,Tungsten capillary tube,Zirconium capillary tubes;etc

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There are four kinds of method in manufacturing process of molybdenum tube: deep hole drilling, sintering, welding and stretching.
Deep hole drilling molybdenum pipe: punch the high-quality molybdenum rods by drilling machine. This method has a high cost and wastes molybdenum materials, but the mechanical properties are much better.
The process of sintering is mainly used to manufacture the large molybdenum tubes, such as smelting equipment, furnace tube, circular target material, vacuum heating chamber, etc. Compress the molybdenum powder in the mould by the isostatic pressing process, sintering under high temperature. And then polish the outer surface and inner surface of molybdenum tube through mechanical processing.
Welding molybdenum tube is mainly used for equipment spare parts which not strict with size. Rolling themolybdenum sheet into a tube, welding in vacuum, then proceed to roundness correction treatment.
The process of stretching is used in the production of small molybdenum tube. The technology is complex. Basically is stretching the common molybdenum tube by special equipment.

In order to avoid the molybdenum tube have any collision in transit or damage, usually wrapped with pearl cotton (expandable polyethylene), then packed into wooden case .To ensure the integrity of the product after delivery.


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