Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes

Applications of Hydraulic honed tubing

Honed tubing and SRB tubes (skived and roller burnished tubes) are mostly used as cylinder tube, such as hydraulic cylinder tube and pneumatic cylinder tubing, which are widely used for manufacturing and repairing hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. As honed tube usually has very accuracy dimension tolerance and good surface smoothness, so this product is also used in applications where precision dimension or high smooth surface is need.

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Skived & Roller Burnished Tube is well known as hydraulic cylinder tube in industries. As Skived & Roller Burnished Tubes are the most important material of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders

We manufacture the Skived & Roller Burnished Tube/honed pipes using our factory’s “Suitable To Hone” Steel Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes (CDS tubes)& Steel Cold Drawn Welded Tubes (CDW tubes). In order to produce extremely precise ID dimensions and smoothly ID surface, the honing process involves using abrasive polishing stones and abrasive paper to remove small amounts of material. Besides the honing process, we also use the SRB process (skiving and roller burnishing) to produce honed tubing.

Skived & Roller Burnished Tube/Honed tube is ready to use for hydraulic cylinder applications without further ID processing.

Production standards:

Hydraulic cylinder tube is made of our factory’s own cold drawn seamless tube (CDS tube)/Steel Cold Drawn Welded Tubes (CDW tubes), by honing process or Skiving & Roller Burnishing process. Mean while the tube is usually produced according to norms as ASTM A513, DIN 2391, DIN 1630, DIN 1629, EN 10216-2, A 519, etc on customer’s request.

Steel Grades:

Baosheng manufactures Honed tubes in a wide range of carbon steel and stainless steel grades.

Carbon steel Honed tubes are available with grades as below:

•SAE 1020 •SAE 1026 •SAE1030/1035

•E355, E255, E215, E235

•ST52.3,  St35, ST 52.4, St 37.4

Stainless steel Honed tube/Skived & Roller Burnished Tube can be supplied in grades as below:

•TP 304 / 304L •TP316 / 316L•TP 316Ti

Other steel grades of hone tube /honed pipe is available on customer’s request.

Baosheng manufactures honed hydraulic cylinder tube in full range of metric sizes and imperial sizes.

•Metric size honed tubes: I.D 30 mm to I.D 400 mm, Wall thickness 3 – 50 mm

•Imperial size honed tubes / inch size honed pipe: 1.5” ID – 14.0” Honed ID; 1/8” – 1” wall thickness

•Length: We supply our metric size and imperial size honed tube with random length or fixed length up to 12 meters.

If any questions,please feel free to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

1. Production of  DIN/EN10305-1 skived & roller burnished and honed tubes since 2005.

2. Working with customers from Europe,West Asia,South America,etc since 2009

3.  Samples can be delivered within 15 days after confirmation

4.  40 days as the production period and delivery after order confirmation.

5.  10,000 meters of  pre-honed seamless steel tubes at stock.

6.  200 sizes can be offered from ID:30mmxWT:5mm to ID:400mmxWT:25mm

7.  Third party inspection like:TUV,BV,SGS,etc accepted

8.  Professional team assists your special tube requirements.

9.  Other related tubes can be offered with competitive prices:Pre-honed steel tubes,Stainless Cylinder Tubes,Chromed bars,etc

If any questions,please feel free to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

Steel grade :ST45(20#) ck45(45#) ST52(16Mn) 27SiMn 25Mn 34CrMo4
Processing Cylinder diameter/mm Length Straightness Size accuracy Wall thickness/mm Inner bore
Cold-drawn ID50~ID400 ≤12m 0.3~0.8mm/m  EN10305-1 ±10% 0.8~1.6um
SRB or  Honed tube ID50~ID250


≤10m 0.3~0.8mm/m H8~H9~H10 ±10% 0.3~0.8um
Mechanical Property
Material Tensile Yield Elongation Hardness
strength strength  ≥
E255 530 N/mm2 505N/mm2 12% 175HB
CK45 660 N/mm2 630N/mm2 6% 207HB
E355 595 N/mm2 570N/mm2 9% 190HB
27SiMn 840 N/mm2 805N/mm2 7.5% 230HB
Honed tube size tolerance
ID size ID deviation (mm)
H7 H8 H9 H10
30 +0.021 +0.033 +0.052 +0.084
0 0 0 0
>30~50 +0.025 +0.039 +0.062 +0.100
0 0 0 0
>50~80 +0.030 +0.046 +0.074 +0.120
0 0 0 0
>80~120 +0.035 +0.054 +0.087 +0.140
0 0 0 0
>120~180 +0.040 +0.063 +0.100 +0.160
0 0 0 0
>180~250 +0.046 +0.072 +0.115 +0.185
0 0 0 0
>250~315 +0.052 +0.081 +0.130 +0.210
0 0 0 0
>315~400 +0.0527 +0.089 +0.140 +0.230
0 0 0 0

If any questions,please feel free to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

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