Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Tube Kit

Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Tube Kit

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Grand steel tube has been delivering fuel injection tubes to Turkey,Brail,Argentina,ect since 2006 and we are producing about 60 tons of these fuel injection tubes and some sizes are at stock which can ensure the fast delivery–within 10 days after the payment.

Length of precision tubes for the automotive industry

random length precision tubes in the range of 3 – 10 Meters or 5.8Meters or 6.0Meters

approximate length with tolerance +/-200 mm

tubes for the automotive industry also can be delivered as cut tubes according to customers’ requirment.

Marking of precision tubes and bundles of precision tubes

Marking of standard precision tubes is done according to standards or upon agreement by the InkJet system either in one spot or along the whole length of a tube. Bundle marking is done either by one or multiple labels with required data.

Surface protection of precision tubes for the automotive industry

Tubes are supplied with anticorrosion application. Internal surface and external surface are flushed with antirust oil.

Testing of precision tubes for the automotive industry

The mandatory tests for standard precision tubes are chemical analysis, tensile test, dimensional inspection and visual inspection.
Specific testing – acceptance testing certificate 3.1.B

Elective testing: flattening test or drift expanding test, roughness measurement and NDT to find longitudinal defects: eddy current inspection test,as a proof of tightness or leakage test by eddy current EN 10246-1.

Certificates for precision tubes

Certificates are issued according to standards, as an example we are showing: EN 10 2043.1.B

Competitive Advantage:

  1. Certificate awarded:TS 16949
  2. Our typical customer: Turkey,UK,France,Brasil,Germany,Peru,etc
  3. We have been cooperating with many auto parts manufacturers,our tubes are widely used in BMW,Volkswagen,and other brands.
  4. 500000 meters precision steel tubes stock capacity makes our delivery fast .
  5. Samples can be delivered within 15 days after confirmation and order can be delivered with 4 weeks after confirmation.
  6. Third party inspection like:SSG,BV,TUV,etc is workable.

Quick Detail:

Automotive tubes with standard EN10305-4,material E235,E255,E355 etc delivery condition NBK

1.Precision steel seamless tubes for automotive industry are made using the cold drawing process. Precision tubes are made from carbon steel from quality Bao Steel,XingCheng Steel,and HuaiSteel.

2. The tubes are high precision in tolerance,excellent surface brightness,no oxidization on the outer and inner walls after heat treatment,high cleanness of inside wall.

3. No deformation after cold bending,no crack after flaring and flattening.



Synopsis of Process Routing: Quality Carbon steel — Cold Drawn — Heat Treatment Without Oxidization (NBK Status) — Nondestructive Testing— Flushing The Internal Hole With Special Equipment Under The High Pressure —Dealing With Antirust Oil On Surface — Plastic Capping On Both Ends.

The raw material we choosing:high quality Bao Steel,XingCheng Steel and HuaiSteel.Physical and chemical inspection will be made to make sure each batch is in qualified range. After piecing,each piece of tube is checked to be in permitted size deviation,this can garantee higher thickness tolerance and concentricity.

Production process quality control: We use the domestic first-class drawing machine,the production process is controlled with high hardness alloy internal and external matrix,so the product dimensions tolerance and ovality are strictly controlled in high level.Through the first, middle and last process inspection to ensure product quality.

Inner and Outer Surface Cleaning: We adopt automatic inner surface cleaning machine, rotating brush cleaning and high pressure oil flushing to clean the inner and outer surface.The new steel tube production craftsmanship can effectively remove all particulate attached to the inner and outer surface of tubes and thus achieving the utmost surface cleaness and polishness.

Finished tube anti-rust oil plating: We adopt high pressure spray plating method, the antirust oil is plated by high pressure jet after ten passes of filtering and one pass of precipitation to safeguard the tubes’ outer and inner surface cleaness and polishness.


Automotive tubes are used for production of automotive steering systems,clutch system, braking system engine high pressure oil injecting tube,cardan shafts, shock absorbers and air springs, parts of the chassis, axle shafts, construction parts of chassis and axles, steering components, seats construction, bracing for dashboard.

To be used in hydraulic system,automobile and in the occasion where the high precision,brightness,cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required.


Automotive Tube diamensions for the automotive industry3.18 to 30 mm and wall thickness ranges from 0.7 to 12mm. Precision steel tubes are delivered according to the customer’s requirements

Steel grades and chemical composition for automotive tubes

Chemical composition(cast analysis)a

Steel grade

% by mass

Steel name

Steel number



































If any questions,you are more than welcome to contact sales@grandsteeltube.com

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