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Copper sheet is a very workable and malleable form of metal, high in electrical and thermal conductivity, and provides excellent corrosion resistance. A beautiful and versatile metal, copper has been utilized for thousands of years. Historically, it served as a favorite choice in making tools, vessels, and sculptures. Copper is also known for its beautiful patinas. When exposed, unsealed, to an outdoor environment, copper begins to oxidize. This exposure creates beautiful color variations in the form of a patina. The coloring of the patina will change and develop character over time while serving to protect the metal from deterioration. People will also create a patina quickly with the use of chemical mixtures that speed the process up and allow a patina to develop without outdoor exposure. Copper sheets can also be hammered, tooled, or embossed for added texture and decorative or functional appeal and come in many thicknesses from very thin copper foil to thick copper plate. It also comes in many alloys that blend other metals with copper. At Grand Copper, we sell pure copper -C110 (other alloys and tempers available upon request). This high purity provides the premium quality needed for projects and applications in a wide range of industries and uses. We take pride in providing the best material. Our high-quality, affordable material and friendly, first-rate customer service have made us a leader in the industry for over a decade.

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What is the copper sheet ?

Copper plate (or sheet) is a very malleable form of metal. There are four main types of copper plate (or sheet): pure copper plate, brass plate, bronze plate and nickel silver plate. Pure copper plate has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent hot and cold processing performance, can be welded and brazed, and has good corrosion resistance; Brass plate has uniform color, excellent processability, excellent deep drawing capabilities and easy to electroplate and paint on, and also great corrosion resistance and weldability; Bronze plate has excellent cold workability, electroplating, hot dip plating and welding performance and high strength, elasticity and resistance to seawater and process atmosphere corrosion; Nickel silver plate also has good cold and processing performance, good electroplating, hot dip plating and welding performance, high strength, high elasticity, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, shielding and other properties.


What are the copper sheet used for ?

Copper plate has the following main properties :

1) Excellent cutting performance and machining delicate, and it applied to blank and key industries.

2) With workpiece, bright and clean surface and good corrosion resistance, which applied to steam, solution pipelines, coins, doors and windows.

3) High tensile strength, its application includes: bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, containers.

4) Good hot rolling and hot forging performance. The application range of industrial copper plates includes: various  heat exchangers such as automobile water tanks; metal casting molds; inductor water-cooled coils.

5) High conductivity, various power, copper sheet products are applied to telecommunication transmission cables, various switches, connectors, busbar, generators, waveguides, printed circuit boards, lead frames.

6) With elegant colors, which applied to lamps, trophies, clothing accessories, musical instruments, sculptures.

Grand supply sheet by either drawing from master coils or off the shelf product.  This provides flexibility in sheet supply width, thickness and length (e.g. 6 metre lengths)

Alloy - C10200, C11000 & C12200

Width - 300mm - 1200mm

Thickness - 0.3mm - 10.0mm

Temper - 1/2 Hard or Full Soft

Lead times - Generally within one week

Quantities - As little as 1 sheet through to 2,000Kg

Alloy Grade
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Thickness (gauge/AWG)
Weight (kg/sheet)
C10200 2400 mm 1200 mm 2.0 mm 12 51.5 kg/sheet
C11000 2000 mm 1000 mm 2.0 mm 12 35.9 kg/sheet
C11000 2000 mm 1000 mm 3.0 mm 9 53.7 kg/sheet
C11000 2400 mm 1200 mm 3.0 mm 9 77.3 kg/sheet
C11000 2400 mm 1000 mm 4.0 mm 6 85.9 kg/sheet
C11000 2000 mm 1000 mm 5.0 mm 4 89.4 kg/sheet
C11000 2400 mm 1000 mm 6.0 mm 3 128.8 kg/sheet
C11000 2000 mm 1000 mm 10.0 mm 179.0 kg/ sheet
C12200 2400 mm 1200 mm 0.55 mm 23 14.2 kg/sheet
C12200 2400 mm 1200 mm 0.7 mm 21 18.0 kg/sheet
C12200 2400 mm 1200 mm 0.9 mm 19 23.2 kg/sheet
C12200 1800 mm 900 mm 1.2mm 17 17.4 kg/sheet
C12200 2400 mm 1200 mm 1.6 mm 14 41.2 kg/sheet
C12200 2500 mm 1250 mm 3.0 mm 9 83.8 kg/sheet


Please note that our stock sizes frequently change and not all sizes will be listed and may possibly be out of stock, please contact us to confirm.

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