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  • Welded & Cold Rolled Stainless Tube

    Welded & Redrawn/Rerolled Stainless Tubes

    Our weldrawn tube manufacturing process begins with cold rolled strip of metal, roll formed into tubular shape and seam welded without the use of any filler material. The as-welded tube is then reduced in size a number of times through various cold working techniques until reaching the exact size, tolerances, and temper our customers require.

    After each cold working cycle the tubes are cut, cleaned and heat treated in preparation for the next cold working step. Before reaching final size, our weldrawn products will undergo a minimum of two draw cycles reducing their cross-sectional area by at least 40% after welding.

    Our manufacturing process employs a combination of value-added steps to produce the highest quality tubing that meets the exact specifications supplied by our customer. Tubes can be created in a variety of different sizes and shapes from a wide range of alloys. A brief description of the operations we use during production can be found below.