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    Molybdenum tube Application

    •1, good corrosion resistance (The surface of molybdenum tube is easy to produce a layer of dense natural protective film, It can be well to protect the matrix from corrosion by artificial anodic oxidation and coloring, good casting performance can be cast aluminum alloy or processing Plastic deformation of good aluminum alloy.)

    •2, high strength (molybdenum tube have the high strength.After a certain degree of cold processing can strengthen the matrix strength, some grades of molybdenum tube can also be enhanced by heat treatment)

    •3, good thermal conductivity (The conductive thermal conductivity of molybdenum only less than the silver, copper and gold)

    •4, easy processing (After add some certain alloying elements, you can get a good casting p erformance of aluminum alloy casting or processing plastic deformation of aluminum alloy)